Are you Bored of the same GOOGLE search engine?

Want to create search engine of your name in google’s style?

Or Want the Google search engine in your name the way you want?



and then you will get a website like the below image..


google custom


GOOGLE's " I am Feeling Lucky " Tricks


















Enter your name and click Create my search Page and a page will be loaded which looks like the below image (for example i will enter here as ARUN )

Go to Internet options from your browser tools and make this page as your browser homepage.

Now Creating the Google search engine in your name is completed succesfully.


Google is the number one search engine in the world. The popularity of the Google is as much as the word “Google” is becoming a synonym for the word “Search” online.


Google i'm feeling lucky


You might have seen two buttons below the search field in Google homepage, One is “Google Search” and the other one is “I’m Feeling Lucky”. Most of the Google users doesn’t know what is this button used for. This button is used to visit the first search result link directly without going to the search page. I.e. if you enter “Goharsh” in the Google search field and click on I’m feeling Lucky button you will be directed to from the Google search homepage.

Google loose $110 Million per year because of this I’m Feeling Lucky trick. Because people use this trick to directly visit the page they are in search of without seeing the search result page. Which will not bring any revenue to the Google by the means of Google Adwords Ads on Search result pages.


To get these tricks on Google webpage, Follow these instructions :

Google I m Feeling Lucky Tricks :

  • Open
  • Go to Search settings option.
  • Turn off Instant search.
  • And any of the below keywords
  • And click I’m Feeling Lucky button.

Goolge I am Feeling Lucky Keywords :

  • GoHarsh” : Opens directly from the Google Homepage.
  • Google Hacker” : What if someone hacks Google someday? Have a Look.
  • Google Gravity” : Google Homepage Falling down.
  • French Military Victories” : Check out.
  • elgoog” : Mirror Effect on Google.
  • Google Sphere” : Google Spinning Effect.
  • find Chuck Noris” : For Chuck Norris fans.
  • who is the cutest” : Check out who is cute/handsome.
  • Google Loco” : And see something moving around.

You can also try these Epic Google, Rainbow google, Annoying Google, Google pacman, Google Magic,Google color (Ex: pink,blue), Early Google, Google Heart Page.




How to hack Google or Facebook?

This is probably a Million Dollar Question. Also that sounds funny. Because even the Larry Page, CEO of Google doesn’t know the answer for this question. Because Webmasters give much preference for the security of their pages. Although some hackers are intelligent enough to hack small websites or Blogs as they will not be that secured.

But here is a trick from which you can hack any website on the internet and alter anything in that. And I can assure you that you can do it within 10 seconds! But the funny thing is that by this trick you can only edit the website virtually and not in real. I mean You can edit any website but it will not effect the code of the website or its other components. It will only be edited in your browser.

google powered by

Open any website in Google Chrome browser, or in Mozilla Firefox and enter the below code to the address bar of the browser.


javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

Now , You can move your mouse cursor to anywhere inside the website and click a text and edit it as you wish. You can also alter/delete images as well. Isn’t it fun? Enjoy with the trick. Do not forget to share this on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


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